From the Fairfax County GOP Chairman: 2016 & Beyond

Americans are not known for looking back. Our national character pushes us to find the next challenge and the next opportunity. This year more than ever New Year’s Day is about the future, not the past.

The current Administration has made it clear that it despises our character, our traditions, and our institutions, and wishes only to subvert them. Our constitutional processes will ensure that Barack Obama leaves office next January – but he has done great harm, and allowing the Democratic Party any more time in the White House would be a disaster for our country.

The Democratic Party was once a proud and patriotic voice for the American people. While our two parties may have fought bitterly over who should hold power and what should be done with it, there was never any doubt that the Democrats put America first.

But today, as I have said many times, the Democratic Party is a clear and present danger to the national security and the economic prosperity of this country. Consider this: The leading candidate for the Democratic nomination is not only a liar, but very likely a felon, and in any case believes that she is above the law. Her chief rival for the nomination constantly spews nonsense that reveals him and his followers to be utterly ignorant of even the most basic economic principles. And the party itself is so devoid of intellectual diversity and so beholden to a conglomerate of corrupt special interests that no other credible candidates have appeared. For the sake of the Republic for which our Party was named, we must win the White House in November.

The problem is urgent, and impatience is not only understandable, but called for. Only if we are spurred by the knowledge that defeat means disaster will we have the perseverance and the drive to overcome all obstacles between now and Election Day.

Perspective, patience and understanding are equally necessary. As our candidates contend for the nomination, we face division in our Party, and the task of coming together and then defeating the Democrats may seem daunting. Let’s remember that, as the country has slowly awakened, our Party has grown more successful at the ballot box: Across the country we are stronger today than at any time since the 1920’s. When it has mattered, we have put our differences aside to face the real opposition, and we have succeeded. We will need every vote in November, and if we come together again, we will succeed again.

Even victory in November will not be enough. It took generations to reach this point, and the country badly needs reform — effective reform based on conservative principles. Our health care industry, our retirement system, our educational institutions, our immigration policies, the federal regulatory system, and more, all need reform. We have struggled with these problems for a generation with little success because of the strength of the other party and the reluctance of the public to see that there are better, more sustainable alternatives to traditional, big government solutions. We will need to educate the public to build support for change — and we must always remember that we are fighting the leadership of the Democratic Party, not the rank-and-file voters who are our friends, our neighbors, and our family members.

If we are to restore our economy and our political system as the envy of the world, we must choose leaders able to think creatively about policy solutions, and about how to communicate those solutions to the public.

I am confident that we will find that leadership and achieve our goals, this year and in the years that follow.

As GOP Chairman in Fairfax County, I will do everything within my power to ensure victory for our Party’s nominee after the national convention in July. I know you will, too. There is much to do even before the convention, and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Thank you for your support and hard work in 2015: We will need that much and more as we move forward to victory and a stronger America.

Most Sincerely,

Matt Ames
Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee

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