State Convention Recap

The Republican Party of Virginia State Convention was held last weekend in Harrisonburg. Here’s what happened:

RPV Chairman

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck was re-elected in an uncontested race.

Republican National Committeeman

Arlington’s own Morton Blackwell was overwhelmingly re-elected.

Republican National Committeewoman

Cynthia Dunbar narrowly defeated Suzanne Obenshain for RNC National Committeewoman by a margin of 50.6% to 49.4%. Here is how our units voted:

» Alexandria: Obenshain 92%, Dunbar 8%
» Arlington: Obenshain 62%, Dunbar 38%
» Fairfax County: Dunbar 51%, Obenshain 49%
» Falls Church: Obenshain 50%, Dunbar 50%

Congratulations to both candidates on a hard-fought race.

At-Large Delegates to the Republican National Convention

A slate of 13 at-large delegates to the Republican National Convention, with 10 stating support for Ted Cruz and 3 stating support for Donald Trump, was passed with 54.6% of the vote. Here are the people elected on the slate as at-large delegates:

» Leon Benjamin
» Bethany Bostron
» Del. Kathy Byron
» Hon. Ken Cuccinelli
» Cynthia Dunbar
» Anne Gentry
» Del. Tim Hugo
» Matthew Hurtt
» Subba Kola
» Ellen Nau
» Jack Salm
» Chris Shores
» Virginia Thomas

Here is how our units voted on the slate:

» Alexandria: Yes 50%, No 50%
» Arlington: Yes 79%, No 21%
» Fairfax County: Yes 67%, No 33%
» Falls Church: Yes 83%, No 17%

Other positions

Samuel Howe and Erich Reimer were selected as at-large electors for the Electoral College. They will cast two of Virginia’s electoral votes if the Republican nominee carries Virginia.

13 people were selected as alternate at-large delegates to the Republican National Convention, including Alexandria GOP Chairman Sean Lenehan.

Thank you to all of our 8th District Republicans who attended the convention!

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