From Mark Obenshain: Virginians Deserve Better than Mark Herring’s Cronyism

State Sen. Mark Obenshain sent out the following email today:

Folks, I walked off the State Senate floor here just a bit ago in Richmond and had to share this disturbing news. In fact, I gave a speech on the Senate floor about this incredibly short-sighted move from the Attorney General’s office.

Despite a $1.5 billion shortfall, with state employees across the Commonwealth struggling to make ends meet, our Sheriff’s deputies seeking public aid to put food on their table, the AP reported this morning that Attorney General’s office gave out more than 60 raises averaging nearly $7,000! One attorney in the office received a 30% raise, another more than $15,000! All this with Virginia facing a deficit of $1.5 billion, and state and local law enforcement agencies dealing with heavy financial burdens.

Making matters worse? The Obama administration told them how to get around the rules to make it happen! This is crony-ism at its worst, and just when you think the Obama administration is near its end, on their way out the door they reward their friends. Meanwhile, hardworking Virginia state employees continue to suffer. The Justice Department provided Mark Herring a step-by-step guide to cutting corners and getting around the rules that are supposed to prevent things like this from happening.

Mark Herring, who has outsourced case after case while refusing to defend Virginia, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, is now rewarding the very lawyers in his office he doesn’t trust to defend Virginia law! I think it is common sense, we shouldn’t be giving out 30% raises when the Commonwealth is struggling to find funding for essential state employees.

We’ve got to do better, and frankly, expect better of our elected officials. This is an embarrassment, and I hope that you’ll help me continue to hold the Attorney General’s office accountable. We need to be finding ways to save the taxpayer money while we overcome these deficits, not spending more money on outlandish raises.

If you agree with me, call the Attorney General’s office at (804) 786-2071, and tell them we deserve better.

Mark Obenshain

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