From the Chairman: Don Beyer’s Partisanship

Despite consistent claims to be a bridge builder across the partisan aisle, 8th District Congressman Don Beyer has spent much of his time since the election playing to his liberal base in a blatant attempt to de-legitimize President Trump.

First, Beyer called for a delay in the Electoral College. Then, he boycotted the Inauguration.

This is no way to get things done in a bi-partisan manner, particularly now that Republicans control Congress and the White House.

While much of the attention is focused on Washington and President Trump, we are continuing to work toward our 2017 elections here in Virginia. In addition to the statewide races, the entire House of Delegates is also up for election this year. If you have any interest in running for one of the seats here in the 8th District, please feel free to contact me to answer questions or to help you get started.

Please see our Upcoming Events page for information on upcoming meetings and other events.

Mark Kelly

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