VOTE TODAY: Special Election in Fairfax County!

UPDATE 7:10 PM — The polls are now closed. You can see the results as they come in live on this page.

UPDATE 2:24 PM — Click here for a special election day message from Ed Gillespie!

The special election for Fairfax County School Board is TODAY, Tuesday, August 29th! Please get out and vote for Chris Grisafe, the Republican-endorsed candidate!

Turnout is going to be VERY low for this special election – every vote counts!

ALL Fairfax County residents are eligible to vote!

Polls will open at 6:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM.

Vote at your regular polling placelook it up here!

You must bring a valid photo ID to vote. Click here for a list of acceptable forms of ID. (If you come to the poll without a valid form of identification, you will be offered a provisional ballot and then will need to deliver a copy of your identification by noon Friday.)

Absentee voters: If you applied for a mailed absentee ballot but have not returned it yet, it must be received by the county elections office by 7:00 PM today. If you have not mailed your ballot yet, it’s too late to mail it – you need to hand deliver your ballot to the county elections office at the Government Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323, Fairfax (map).

Here’s a message from the Fairfax County GOP:

Dear Fairfax Republicans:

Tuesday, August 29 is Election Day in Fairfax County. Chris Grisafe needs your vote for the open at-large seat on the Fairfax County School Board. Here are four reasons this election is important:

1. More than half of Fairfax County’s budget every year goes to the public schools, and the current School Board wants more money and less accountability.

2. Chris Grisafe will work to make the system accountable and responsive to parents, teachers, students, taxpayers, and the entire community for the benefit of all.

3. The Democrat-controlled School Board is more concerned with advancing its ideological agenda than with educating children. Chris Grisafe will be another voice for reason and sanity on the Board.

4. Turnout will be very low, and every vote really will matter. We need every conservative, every Republican, every American who believes in what this country has always stood for, to vote on Tuesday.

Lines will be short. Please go to your regular polling place and vote for Chris Grisafe.

Most sincerely,
Matt Ames
Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee

If you have any election day questions or concerns, please contact the Fairfax County Republican Committee at or 703-766-4467.

Onward to victory!

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