A Message from the Chairman

With two dozen Democrats in the race against President Trump, the 2020 presidential election is already well underway.

But 2019 is still right in front of us, and the Virginia General Assembly hangs in the balance by just 3 seats.

Flipping just one seat in the Senate and two in the House of Delegates is all that is standing between us and the liberal agenda put forward by the Democrats in Richmond. The Democrats stand ready to pass tax hikes, massive spending increases and even extreme new abortion laws.

And despite the cloud of controversy surrounding him, Governor Ralph Northam will sign into law every radical piece of legislation the Democrats want to send to his desk for the next two years.

There are several Republicans challenging Democrats in and around Northern Virginia. And you should be sure to help the Republican running in your General Assembly or Senate district.

But today I want to highlight one member of the Virginia General Assembly who needs us to think beyond our district.

Tim Hugo is the only Republican serving in the House of Delegates from Northern Virginia.

Delegate Hugo won his 2017 election by just 106 votes out of 30,214 cast during the blue wave that crashed on Virginia. And Tim Hugo is the top target for Democrats in 2019.

I can tell you that Tim is working hard to win. But just as in 2017, millions of dollars and bus loads of out-of-state “volunteers” will flood into Virginia from around the country to flip Richmond blue.

Please consider clicking on this link and sending Delegate Hugo your most generous contribution right now to fight back against the onslaught mounting against him.

We have to defend this seat.

Mark Kelly
Chairman, 8th District Republican Committee

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