Update on AG race from FCRC + Veterans Day message from E.W. Jackson

From Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman Jay McConville

November 10, 2013

Dear Team Fairfax:

With over 2 million votes cast, the Attorney General’s race is down to a margin of less than 100 votes. As of this morning, Mark Obenshain remains in the lead. This historically close race is far from over, however, as people who have cast a provisional ballot can still come in and plead their case to have their vote counted.  In Fairfax County alone there are 492 such cases.

The FairfaxGOP surged mightily to help with the vote canvass, and I thank you all for your amazing response and support.  At times we had TOO MANY VOLUNTEERS, which is a great problem to have. I know some were not able to participate, even though they made the effort, but think of it this way: Fairfax over-achieved and we did our job.

Now our job is GOTV.  We must find the provisional voters who support Mark Obenshain and get them to the Government Center to plead their case. Can you help?

If you can go door-to-door over the next few days or assist at the Fairfax County Government Center identifying these provisional voters as they come to provide additional evidence to support their case, please contact us at fairfaxcountygop@gmail.com.

And of course, it goes without saying, this extended campaign costs money. If you can help with a donation of any amount, please do.

You can donate here.

Thank you again for your great support and hard work.  Let’s take this over the finish line with a Victory for Mark Obenshain as Virginia’s next Attorney General.


Jay McConville
Fairfax County Republican Committee


From E.W. Jackson

Yesterday I had the privilege of standing with a group of Marines at the graveside of Lt. Gen. Chesty Puller. We were there not only to commemorate the Marine Corps birthday and memorialize one our greatest combat soldiers, but to honor our Veterans and active duty military personnel everywhere.
As I spoke to the illustrious group gathered in Saluda, Virginia where the old General retired, I wondered aloud what he and others who bled and died in the service of our country would think of America today. What would they think of the division by race and gender and income? What would they think of politicians who manipulate these divisions for personal political gain? What would they think of the cuts in our military budget, the specter of a President apologizing to the world for America or shutting our WWII Veterans out of their own memorial? What would they think of the failure to rescue our fellow Americans under attack in Benghazi?
We can only speculate what their response would be. What we do know is that in remembering them, we sound one note of unity. National security is the single most important Constitutional responsibility of our government. It is charged with protecting us and must therefore protect our Veterans from being treated like an afterthought or forgotten. Our men and women in uniform need first rate equipment. They need to be paid so they can support themselves and their families. And we should assure that the benefits we’ve promised them are sacrosanct, not used as leverage in political battles.
If we cannot be unified in anything else this Veterans Day, we must be unified in remembering and honoring our Veterans and active duty military. As Americans, let us make sure that our government honors the promises we have made to them.

For God and Country,

E.W. Jackson

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