From RPV Chairman Pat Mullins


On Sunday, something remarkable happened.

One of our RPV Victory staffers was in Fairfax County, trying to assist people who were showing up to get their provisional ballots counted.

Then this happened:

Folks, this is what we’re up against.  A senior Democratic attorney tore down our voter assistance station, and tried to bully our staffer out of doing his job! We’re fortunate that our staffer was quick with a video camera, because as you can see, this Democratic attorney made it clear that he was more than willing to lie about what happened.

We need your help. Our teams are in the field, working to make sure that every single ballot for Attorney General is counted. Then we will likely move on to a recount.

Friends, we need your help. You’ve seen what we’re up against. Please give $10, $25, $50, or $100 today so we can keep up the fight.

They don’t want you to vote. They want you to stay silent and put up with their intimidation.

Don’t stay silent. Fight back. Join us today!

Pat Mullins, Chairman
Republican Party of Virginia

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