Message from Mike Ginsberg

Dear Tommy,

I hope everyone has had a chance to rest up and enjoy a little down time after the hard-fought elections.  Although we did not do as well as we had hoped, we have much to be proud of, having worked so hard and given so much time and effort to the 2013 elections.  The 8th District volunteers distinguished themselves with their hard work, energy, and dedication to the cause of our great ticket.

Of course, the Attorney General’s race is far from over, and will likely go to a recount.  So please stay tuned — we may need your help on this and we will keep you posted as volunteer needs arise.

The end of the year also brings lots of holiday parties and volunteer appreciation activities.  The first few are already scheduled – please see our Upcoming Events page for the details.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work this year.  And now that Democratic policies like Obamacare have gone from the theoretical to the real, I suspect GOP fortunes will improve considerably over the next year.  So be ready for 2014!


Mike Ginsberg
8th District Republican Committee

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