Welcome to 2018

We’re opening 2018 with the good news that after an intense series of recounts and Democrat attempts to steal the election, we have held our majority in the Virginia House of Delegates.

This year, we’ll have a race for Congress here in the 8th District, and a statewide election for U.S. Senate. Don Beyer and Tim Kaine simply need to go!

Our biennial 8th District Convention will also be held this year, likely in May. There will also be conventions in the local county/city units, as necessary. Stay tuned for more details.

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From Fairfax County GOP Chairman Matt Ames

Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman Matt Ames sent the following message today:

Fellow Fairfax Republicans:

Earlier this year my wife, Ann, asked me not to run for a third term as Chairman. Actually, that’s not right. To be precise, she said that she would prefer that I not run for a third term. Ann has supported my involvement in the FCRC without question or complaint since I became Providence District Chairman, nearly ten years ago. All she’s ever asked is that I let her know what time I’ll be home. The only way I can thank her for her loyalty and love all through the past four years is to make her preference reality.

I also owe much to my law partner, Art Hubacher, who has been patient and understanding as my political activities have gradually taken more and more time away from our law practice. I need to get back to work full time.

So, as many of you already know or may have guessed, I will not be a candidate for reelection in 2018. In January, the Executive Committee will recommend to the membership of the FCRC a proposed call for the 2018 County Convention, laying out key dates and the basic procedure for electing the next Chairman. The Convention will most likely be held in March.

We all know that our country is divided and faces many significant problems. The future seems uncertain, and we wonder whether leadership in Washington is up to the job. These deep concerns about the direction of the country naturally affect perceptions and desires here in Fairfax, and add to the challenges our next Chairman will face.

In such a troubled time, it is more important than ever that whoever leads the FCRC has a sound understanding of our role and capabilities. The next Chairman must also be able to work with everybody in the Party to keep the whole team focused on those things we can control. We are fortunate to have a strong local organization and the support of dedicated volunteers who can put aside their frustrations with the national scene to keep working where they are, to change what they can. With their help, I’m sure our next Chairman will find the job rewarding, and a little less challenging.

Thank you all for your many contributions to our Party and our candidates. I’ll have more to say about the 2017 election and the future of the GOP in Fairfax County and Virginia between now and March.

Most sincerely,
Matt Ames
Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee

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Democrats are trying to overturn the House election results

Virginia Republicans have held on to a 51-49 majority in the House of Delegates after this month’s elections, but Democrats are not satisfied with the election results. They have brought in notorious Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias to file bogus lawsuits challenging election results in the 28th, 40th, and 94th Districts.

In the 28th District, where Republican Bob Thomas, a Marine Corps veteran, won by nearly 100 votes, they tried to get a court to force 55 absentee ballots that arrived after the deadline to be counted. Now they are claiming that dozens of 88th District voters should have voted in the 28th District, based on outdated precinct lines, and have apparently convinced the state board of elections not to certify the election results so they can take it to court.

In the 40th District, Republican Delegate Tim Hugo leads by just over 100 votes. We have not heard of any shenanigans in this race yet, but the Democrats are sure to demand a recount.

And in the 94th District, Republican Delegate David Yancey won by 10 votes. In their desperation, the Democrats filed a lawsuit over 1 single ballot!

The lawsuits and recounts are coming, and the Democrats will continue fighting to overturn the election results for the rest of the year and possibly into 2018.

How can you help? For now, you can donate to the House GOP’s Majority Protection Fund. Your donation will fund the House GOP’s legal efforts to protect these three Republicans in the 28th, 40th, and 94th District.

And when the recounts start next month, we will likely need volunteers to serve as observers – stay tuned for details.

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From 8th District GOP Chairman Mark Kelly

Thanks to Ed, Jill and John, and all of our Republican candidates who worked so hard in this election. Also, thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered to help our candidates win.

Unfortunately, the results did not go our way last night across the Commonwealth. There will be a lot of Monday morning quarterbacks out there with their opinion of what went right and what went wrong. They will point fingers and assign blame. Whatever the reason or reasons, Democrats did a better job of motivating their voters to go to the polls. And the candidates who turn out the most voters win.

This morning, we may feel disappointed. But if we are committed to our principles and our values, then we cannot give up the fight. The issues facing Virginia and the nation are too important. We must regroup, strengthen our resolve, and go back to work because the next election is just one year away.

Mark Kelly
Chairman, 8th District Republican Committee

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From Fairfax County GOP Chairman Matt Ames

Fairfax Republicans,

Last night was a very hard night to be a Virginia Republican. We failed to elect Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel, and John Adams to statewide office, and the consequences will be with us for years to come. Ed and Jill and John were a great team, and I’m sure you all join me in thanking them for representing our Party so well. Ed Gillespie in particular said at the beginning that he might be outspent, but he wouldn’t be outworked, and he kept that promise.

For such a talented and uplifting statewide ticket to miss the mark is hard enough to bear, but at least as hard will be the loss of Delegate Jim LeMunyon. Jim has been an effective legislator and advocate for the citizens of the 67th District since he was sworn in in 2010. His steady, dedicated, and thorough approach to meeting the practical needs of his constituents and keeping them informed about their government’s activities will be missed very soon.

Despite his outstanding record, Jim LeMunyon was overcome by a statewide tidal wave, as Delegates in districts across Virginia that last year voted for Hillary Clinton were swept out of office. So many in fact that control of the House of Delegates remains uncertain.

Fortunately, despite the election night returns, it appears that Delegate Tim Hugo has been reelected in the 40th District. Please join me in congratulating Tim, and wishing him well as he continues his service in the House.

Our five challenger candidates – Lolita Mancheno Smoak, Linda Schulz, Cheryl Buford, Adam Roosevelt, and Paul Haring – also were defeated. We very much appreciate the courage and commitment to the principles of our party that they showed in choosing to run for office on the Republican ticket.

Commentators have been quick to opine about the reasons for last night’s results. Some of them know very little about Virginia politics. Others may have axes to grind and oxen to gore. They certainly can’t all be right. But there’s a market for the quick and simple answer that matches up with what we each want to believe, so it’s really no surprise.

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck has put the loss down to three factors: The Senate’s failure to repeal Obamacare, out-of-state money funneled to the Democrats, and the increasing tendency of non-white and younger Virginians to vote Democrat. I’m sure those all played a part.

I claim no special insight into politics south of the Occoquan, but I do have thoughts about the situation in Fairfax County. I may write about that another time. For now, I’ll just offer three observations:

1. Donald Trump did not carry Virginia.

2. Ed Gillespie performed slightly better in Fairfax County than Donald Trump did in November 2016: 31.2% for Ed, compared to 28.6% for the President.

3. Turnout this year was up sharply over past gubernatorial elections at both the state and County levels. Fifty-six percent of Fairfax County voters cast ballots yesterday, compared to 46.8% in 2014 and 44.6% in 2009. Turnout in a race for Governor had not been over 50% since George Allen was elected in 1993.

Finally, I offer my deepest thanks to all the volunteers who stood out in the rain yesterday, wet feet and all. And also to those who got up well before dawn to work inside at a polling place or to set up outside; who walked all summer long, knocking on doors; who called and emailed to find help for back-to-school night or to cover absentee voting or on Election Day.

Thousands of people helped in many, many ways over the course of the past year, and we are all grateful for your commitment. I know the candidates are especially grateful that so many people gave their time and effort so willingly and selflessly. Our volunteers and our culture of grassroots political action represent the best traditions and the truest sprit of this country.

Most Sincerely,

Matt Ames

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